Refunds, Terms, and Policy

Here at King Steven's Games, we want customers to feel comfortable when they order, so we are here to help when mistakes happen. That is why we allow refunds if we shipped the wrong product or was damaged during shipping.

To request a refund or any issues with your orders, please contact us within 14 days of the product being delivered by emailing us:

If the product was damaged during shipping, please send pictures of the product still sealed inside the box it was shipped in, and then pictures of the product itself showing the product as ruined. This is necessary for us to then contact the shipping company and file a claim. We will then send you a replacement.

Refund Limitations:

Due to the rapidly changing value of games in the secondary market, we will not grant refunds if the order was fulfilled correctly, nor on "Pre-Order" sales.

If you mistakenly placed the wrong order, please email us immediately with a request to cancel the order. Or place a new, correct, order with a "Note to selling" to cancel your other order and describe the order you want to be canceled. If no request to cancel was received within 24 hours OR if the order was already shipped, then we will not be able to cancel it. 

If you claim a package was damaged but cannot provide pictures we cannot provide a refund.

Refunds on Singles:

Refunds will only be allowed on "Singles" (Orders for individual cards) sales if they are still sealed in their originally shipped packing. 

Due to historical issues of "Swapped" singles claims, we cannot issue a refund for claims that do not meet the above conditions.

However, we do take Singles very seriously. if you believe you were sent the wrong card, condition, or missing a card, please contact us. We record every singles order and store the video file for future review just in case of issues. We will watch the video and if we find the mistake we will give you a refund or send you the card.

Refunds on NFTs (God's Unchained Singles):

All God's Unchained singles are NOT physical copies. They are all NFTs. There will be no items shipped.

When purchasing GU singles, include the wallet address you want the NFT to be transferred to. Please make sure to double check your wallet address because once transferred, there are no refunds due to the card being no longer under my procession.  The provided wallet must be connected to Immutable X's Layer 2 for your to view the NFT (

All transfers are logged. If there is no wallet address included in the order, the order will be cancelled and no charge to the customer. The customer should receive a 'order cancelled' email if an email address is provided.

We do take Singles very seriously. if you believe you were sent the wrong card, condition, or missing a card, please contact us:

Terms and Policy:

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