Vortimer the Volatile-Meteorite

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Want a God's Unchained card without having the hassle of buying crypto and paying crypto fees? Now you can! King Steven's Games is offering GU singles! 

How to buy?
1. Add to cart the singles you want to purchase with a credit card.

2. Check your cart and in the "Special Instructions" include your wallet that is connected to your Immutable X's Layer 2 account.(https://support.immutable.com/en/articles/6459400-connect-to-your-layer-2-l2-wallet)

3. Double check your wallet address for accuracy because once the NFT is transferred there are no refunds.

4. Complete your purchase like normal. There are no physical cards, only digital so there is no shipping cost!

NOTE: All God's Unchained singles are NOT physical copies. They are all NFTs. There will be no items shipped.

When purchasing GU singles, include in the special instructions the wallet address you want the NFT to be transferred to. Please make sure to double check your wallet address because once transferred, there are no refunds due to the card being no longer under my procession.  The provided wallet must be connected to Immutable X's Layer 2 for your to view the NFT (https://support.immutable.com/en/articles/6459400-connect-to-your-layer-2-l2-wallet).

All transfers are logged. If there is no wallet address included in the order, the order will be cancelled and no charge to the customer. The customer should receive a 'order cancelled' email if an email address is provided.