Kaldheim Draft Booster Box

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Kaldheim is the Viking Set that continues the Magic the Gathering theme of taking other cultures or historical civilizations, and turning them into playable cards for our theme-based decks! It introduces several new game mechanics:
Foretell - Show your opponents that you really can tell the future, buy paying 2 colorless mana and setting it face down. When you are ready to pay it's morph Foretell cost, you get to play it for real!

Boast - Pay the Boast cost whenever someone attacks to gain a special bonus! It's fun to tell your opponent, "Attack me, I dare you!" While you have open mana.

Double-Faced Cards...again??: MTG brings back Double-Faced Cards, but this time, it is simply two separate cards that you get to choose which to play. It's similar to split cards from Ravnica; however, it is not printed on the same side...and don't always have catchy names.

Each box contains 36 booster packs, 15 cards per pack.