Royal Court Membership Registration

Hello there!

Join the King's inner-circle by becoming a member of his Royal Court for annual subscription of $50! Of course, joining such an elite club based around the King comes with exclusive benefits:

*Receive unlimited access to a 5%-Off Coupon to any of your purchases!

*Access to the King's Royal Vault!

*Special promotions and deals!

Get this exclusive royal treatment for only $50 per year! That is about the cost of a booster pack per month!


Here are more details:

*5% discount applies to all regularly priced products. This may not include certain clearance items, or other special promotions. The coupon is not transferable. You must log into the same account you used to sign up, and use the coupon at check out for the discount to be applied (Code: Royal Court Discount). If you use this coupon, you will STILL be able to receive Free Shipping on orders that are over $99 after the discount code is applied.

*Access to the Royal Vault: Locked away deep in the castle is King Steven's most prized positions. While everyone knows about the vault's exists, only those in the Royal Court may procure from it. These are special products that are typically in very limited supply. By joining the Royal Court you are allowed to purchase these products at their shown prices. We always try to keep at least something in the vault; however, quantity is not guaranteed.

*Special Promotions and Deals: You will be informed when we have a special promotion. This will occur at random times, so be sure to sign up with an active email!

*The above is subject to change. Membership fee cannot be refunded after your first purchase as a member.